Nose operation rhinoplasty is one of the frequently done aesthetic operation in order to achieve an aesthetic harmonious nose with the face which can breathe better. During the consultation, examination, digital photographic studies can be done to show the possible results of rhinoplasty operation and discuss them with the candidate. 


Aesthetic nose operation is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital and it takes 2 hours approximately. Nose deviation can be corrected, and bony bridge may be removed. Boxy tip can be reduced and the tip may be lifted. 4-5 hours after the rhinoplasty operation, patient may be discharged from the hospital or 1 night stay may be possible.


Stitches are generally inside, or there may be a few stitches under the tip of the nose. Stitches inside are dissolving stitches and don’t need to be removed. A pack is placed in the nose following the aesthetic rhinoplasty operation, 3 days later it is removed. A plaster splint is used for the first 7 days.


In the early period of the healing home rest is recommended. The patient can easily turn back to the social life 7-10 days after rhinoplasty. 2 weeks after the operation most of the swelling will be gone. Care must be taken in order not to have a trauma to the nose and massages suggested by the aesthetic surgeon should be done in the first 6 months period following the rhinoplasty operation.


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After completing six years of Medical school at the Ankara University School of Medicine, he successfully completed six years of residency training in Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Ege University Hospital in izmir, Turkey. During his residency, he worked on basic plastic surgery, reconstructive microsurgery and craniofacial surgery. He participated in the operation team of Ege Organ Transplantation and took part in more than 100 of living donor liver transplantations in his residency training at general surgery. He also participated in courses of Breast Surgery in Milano, Microsurgery in Heidelberg and Bucharest, Rhinoplasty and Aesthetics in Turkey. He has published 17 papers about plastic surgery in world class medical journals, and 25 papers in different special congresses.


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